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Sealing suggestions for Retrofit Windows
 (for old aluminum or steel windows with existing frame in place)

vinyl retrofit windows before
  .vinyl retrofit windows after
This is an example of vinyl retrofit windows
1. Remove all window drapes and blinds.

2. Remove screen, moving panel and fixed panel.  Use caution when working with exposed glass edges

3. Prepare the exterior of the opening by removing any corrosion from the old window frame.  If the new Retrofit frame extends beyond the edge of the old window frame, remove any loose stucco or stucco paint by wire brushing area.

4. Apply 1/4" to 1/2" wide bead of sealant to the outside surface to the existing window frame or as close to the opening as possible.   Leave gaps along the sill to allow for drainage of possible condensation.  One tube of sealant covers approximately 16 lineal feet.   The suggested minimum bead width and depth must be 1/4".  See detail #1


5. A second sloping bead is suggested along the head of the existing frame.  This will insure proper drainage.  See detail #2

6. Insert the new Retrofit window into the opening and secure with screws through the jambs into the existing window frame.

7. If necessary, a finish bead of caulking can be applied to seal any gaps between the Retrofit frame and the wall surface.

8. Inside the home, install insulation between the old frame and the new window. Do Not use expanding foams, frame distortion may occur.

9. Install a decorative trim to cover the gap between the old frame and the new window.

10. Sealants should be used the same day they are opened.  Excess sealant can be removed with paint thinner.





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