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New Construction with Nail-on Frame



Frank Tock, UTC New Construction. South Bay Window & Glass supplied windows, doors, mirrors and shower doors.



John Wirtz, Escondido New Construction. South Bay Windows & Glass supplied windows, interior doors, mirrors and shower doors.



Lovelace Development Inc. South Bay Window & Glass supplied all vinyl windows.

1. Frame the rough opening 3/8" to 3/4" larger than the actual net window size.  (Net window size does not include nail-on fin.)  The framing should be plumb, square and level.
NOTE:  For vinyl windows, a double sill plate is recommended.

2.  Apply the first strip of flashing paper (6"minimum width, 9" recommended) horizontally along the sill plate, extending it a minimum of 8" beyond the opening of each side.  Tack in place.

3.  Apply a continuous bead of sealant to the back side (interior of sill) of the nail-on fin prior to installing the window. 

4a.  Place the window into the opening from the outside (handle goes to the inside), centered between the vertical studs.  Shim and adjust the window as necessary to achieve a plumb and level condition, as well as an even reveal around the frame opening.  Secure the jambs and sill with the equivalent of, 6d galvanized or aluminum nails, through the nail fin on a maximum of 16" center.  Do not nail through the nail fin at the head - put the nails 1/2" above the fin and bend them over the fin.  
NOTE:  DO NOT shim directly under the vinyl window frame.  Shim between he sill plates.

4.  To check for square, open the moving vent 1/2".  The reveal should be the same at the top and bottom. 
5.  Apply a continuous and generous bead of caulking to the exposed nail fin of the head and two vertical jambs.

6.  Starting at each jamb, (vertical members), embed the flashing paper into the caulking, extending the flashing 9" beyond the head and below the sill and tack into place.  Repeat the same at the head (top and bottom).



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